Scatter5 is the most powerful scattering plugin for blender.
It packs hundreds of useful features in a smart and easy-to-use interface.
While Scatter5 is in WIP, you can access the BETA here below.

Latest available beta build is OpenBeta v4 for blender 2.93.
The '.scatpack' files are packages containing scattering presets or biomes.
Any questions or feedback? Get in touch on the blenderartist Scatter5 topic.

scatter5 openbeta

Download the Free Biomes!

Geonode Magic

New to Scatter? It's simply the best scattering toolset for blender. It is packed with an extreme amount of  features  assembled in a well-crafted workflow and easy-to-use interface.

Since 2019, we have dedicated our time to bring you the best possible industry standard scattering experience.

With the release of Geometry node and Blender 3.0, you can expect this new version to blow your expectations.

What's New

This fourth release of the OpenBeta re-introduces the Biome system.
A biome is a concept we introduced back in 2019, it's an easy-lazy way to create a realistic and complex ecosystem in only one click.

For the occasion, we are sharing 6 freebie biomes composed of 30 various assets!
You heard this right, these assets are totally free.
Grab them on gumroad and append then from your Scatter5 biome library.

Note that Our friends at Terrascape and Bproduction already have premium biomes scatpack ready, Scatter4 library is also compatible.

Release Date

Scatter5 is a highly anticipated update and many of you are asking for a release date.

As this version of Scatter5 is running on geometry node, you can expect Scatter5 to be officially released on the blendermarket after blender 3.0 release, at the end of this year. 

All existing customers will receive a free upgrade. You can expect a Pro and Free version available.

Make sure to follow my personal Twitter account to get the latest news. Your feedback is very welcome!

Let's Get It Started!

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